Horse Power Horse Power West Bromwich, 1890s. Great Western Railways. 127742994 Wednesbury,1897. A fine body of Firemen. 127742999 Dudley, 1901. Out and about, with walking wounded. 127743000 Cradley Heath.1909. The very last ride. 198623034 Smethwick.1900s G Heath, High Street. 127742993 Halesowen. 1900 Baking for the Co-op. 133584062 Halesowen. 1913. Out on a round. 133584061 Smethwick, 1929. The last Hackney Carriage, Rolf Street. 127743001 Smethwick,1901. Numbered days for this transport. 127743004 Hasbury, Halesowen. 1890s Joseph Lebury, a line Prop Merchant. ( Hasbury's very own Ghost ) 127814537 Netherton. 1911. The Famous " Titanic Anchor ". 127832678 More Harvesting. 1920s. 127832679 Bilston. 1905. Bunkers Hill Farm. 128120240 Halesowen. 1909. Thomas White, Belle Vale Haulier. 128343059 Gornal Wood, 1920s All freshly baked. 128120242 Wolverhampton. 1914. Whitmore Reans, meat delivery. 128321450 Wednesbury. 1904 The Night Soil Men. ( Wheres there's muck. there's brass ) 129614608 Wolverhampton. 1900 Lubricating, Lighting, or powering cars, it all had to wait for the 'od 'oss. 129617567 Halesowen. 1912. 187366373 Oldbury, 1903. Albright and Wilson's New Chemical Tanker. 129617569 Blackheath. 1890s. The Transport Fleet. 133050019 Carnival Time. 1902. The Cart looks pretty, but the Horse looks a little brassed off. 133050020 Tipton Coalmen.1900s Eye catching White Horses. 133584052 Walsall. 1900s Home Baked Bread. 133584053 Quarry Bank. 1900s. Home Brewed Ales. 133584054 Dudley. 1900s. A day out. 133584057 Smethwick. 1912. Well turned out Coal Cart and Horse. 133584055 Oldbury. 1910. Churchbridge Brewery. 133584059 Smethwick, about 1912. 200228504 War Horse. 1915. He survived the horrors. 133050021 Netherton. 1911 The Titanic Anchor. 134722941 Wednesbury. 1906. Yet another day out. 133584060 Blackheath. 1920s The best fire grates in the Midlands. 136821151 Hagley. c1900s. A rather grander form of of the Horse and Cart. 187278035 Black Country Flour Mill. Does that horse look a bit brassed off, or is just me. 146239440 Gospel Preacher. 1904 George Aldridge.( Black Country Religion ) 128237018 Gospel Preacher.c1911 George Aldridge again, this time with a different van. 191331234 Gospel Preachers. c1910. Some of the other preachers, of the West Midland Federation of Free Churches. 191331235 Blackheath. 1930s. The last trip. Courtesey of Hadley Brothers. 136821152 Milk Delivery. 1902. A typical brightly painted rig. 136822344 Brierley Hill, c 1900. This is a photograph of my great grandparents, Peter Beech and Mary Ann Holt, outside their Fishmongers shop in Fenton Street, Brierley Hill. 175734112 Darlaston. c1900. A Gentlemans " Breakfast Trip ", from The Green. 138573460 Rowley Regis. 1900. Either something went wrong with the Camera, or the Horse on the left is drunk. 146239441 Old Hill. c1906. Tombstone Delivery. 140275288 Darlaston. c1912. I wonder if they won any prizes ? 140456177 Gornal. c1904. Sand Production, old style. ( Gornal ) 134125364 Cradley Heath. c 1910 Barrel Delivery. 149731521 Bilston. c1900s 149731522 Lye, Worcestershire. 1950s. 200228526 Bilston. 1926 The old with the new. 149312316 Dudley. 1914. A proud owner. 149731519 Dudley.c1914. The Bread Convoy. 149731520 Upper Gornal. 1970s Samuel Jeavons, saving a few bob on the petrol. 150457773 Rag and Bone Man. ( The 'ode 'oss an' cart.) 128119626 Light Delivery. 1903. 173333093 Dudley. 1915. A brewers dray. 173333094 Horse Power. c1903 A bit overloaded by the look of it. 188090221 Black Country. 1908. 192037799 191906326 Horse Omnibus. c1910. See Topic, Carriages of Convenience. 193285490 Horse Omnibus. c1904. The City Centre Service. 193285491 Handsworth, Staffordshire. 1904. Lea Hall Farm. 199999119 Heavy Haulage. c1790s. Note the wide wheels so as not to cause damage to the Toll Road. 202979711 The Mail Coach. c1790s Speedy, uncomfortable, but always on time. 202979712 Stage Coach. 1820s. The 'Tally Ho '. A Coach Line from Birmingham to Kidderminster. 202979713 Mail Coach. 1836. The Birmingham Mail Coach, well and truly stuck in a deep snow drift. 202979714 Stage Coach. 1886 The ' Tantivy Line '. Birmingham-Rowley-Cradley-Stourbridge. 202979715 Stage Coach. 1780s The start and finish was usually an Inn. 202979716 Wolverhampton. 1890s. More a bus service than a Coach at this point in time. 202979717 Wombourne, Staffordshire. 1890s Still a semi rural area not far from Wolverhampton. 202979718 Halesowen. 1900 Short Cross Farm, Stourbridge Road. Farmers wife Mrs Layton, and daughter Mary. 202979719 Breirley Hill. 1890s. The travelling Gypsy Choir of Joshua Dyson Esq. 202979720 Gornal. 190506961 Gornal. 190506963 Halesowen. ( Quinton ) 1890s. The Good old Midland Red. 203074848 Smethwick/Bearwood. c1900 Halesowen to Bearwood horse drawn Bus. 203482617