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It could be said of course, that the cause of death comes in many forms, and has done for many thousands of years, the only difference being, what name mankind gave it at the time. From time to time, when searching through old documents, a few unfamiliar names crop up, so lets see just what you could end up with.

Blood Flux.                  ( A very old name for Dysentery. )

Burstan.                       ( A Rupture, usually of the stomach wall. )

Chrisoms.                   ( The child died after Baptism )

Consumption.             ( Tuberculousis )

Convusions.                ( Following severe Diarrhoea )

Evil.                               ( Scrofula, Tuberculous infection of the neck )

Falling Sickness.       ( Epilepsy )

French Pox.                 ( Various Veneral disease's )

General Decay.           ( Old age, Malnutrition, or unknown )

Gravel.                          ( Usually Kidney Stones.)

Headmouldshot.        ( Inflammation of the Brain )

Horseshoehead.        (            "              "    "       "     )

Imposthume                ( Abscess, or several at the same time )

Liver Grown.                 ( Enlarged Liver )

Loosness.                    ( Another term for Dysentery )

Phthisis.                        ( Wasting away of bodily parts )

Planet Struck.               ( A form of Paralysis )

Purples.                         ( Spotted Fever, usually Measles )

Quinsy.                           ( Throat Infection )

Raising of the Lights.   ( Lung Disease )

Scarlentina.                    ( Highly infectious Throat infection.)

Stone.                             ( Gall Stones )

Stop in the Stomach.   ( Twisting of the Guts )

Strangury.                       ( Urinary Infection )

Thrush.                           ( Mouth and Throat Infection )

Tissick.                           ( Consumption, Tuberculousis )

Tympany.                        ( Tumours )

Today. cures exist for all of the above, and it's usually only complications following treatment that will see you off to an early grave. Still one of the most dangerous ones on the list today is the Purples, especially when contracted by the very young. Overall, Smallpox was a bigger killer than Cholera or Typhus, until Edward Jenner came up with his vacination idea. One not on the list was Teething, which, due to the mouth being prone to infection in the young, and bad food, accounted for many child deaths. Next time you come across a term you don't understand, do consult the list, it may clear up the problem, which is more than a Doctor from 250 years ago could do.


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