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Used in the sense of a wide variety of opinions, and different viewpoints, with the closing down this week of the British version of Project Blue Book, the two man operated U.F.O desk. There have been many reports of strange happenings and sightings over the years, all the way in fact, back as far as records go. It was once the preserve of Lords and Knights, who hunted the vast area, not just for game either, but for anyone who trespassed on, or hunted without consent, were themseves also hunted. Tales have evolved of packs of wolves and wild dogs, grotesque creatures than can tear a man apart with one bite, blood sucking monsters, ghosts and ghouls that can a man mad with just a glance. Most of these stories stem from those who had a reason to keep the frightened and superstitious peasents from stealing the game, and others, who had more neferious objects in mind. There have been reports of the shadowy figures of ancient Cavemen being seen, of the ghosts of Hermits who have perished in the mist filled hollows, and sightings of great roaring bears, with glowing eyes and blood red fangs. These things move with the times though, and the chase has long been home to that invention of Bram Stoker, The Vampire. The Chase is an area that has a timeless beauty, despite all the mining for minerals that has taken place, nature has a way of quickly hiding the scars. What it can't do though, is cover up the number of annimal corpses that have been found, supposedly drained of blood by a fiendish, half human blood sucking monster. Yes, we have encountered the scourge of the Chase, The Poacher. They arn't put off by the tales of the past, for they encourage them, it keeps away those who would otherwise see the carnage they do. For in all the many hundreds of years, that these monsters have supposedly roamed the Chase, nothing has ever been found. No hint, or trace, of the huge Black panther like cats that many claim to have seen. No evidence for the many UFO landings and encounters, that have been reported, no trace of the small grey creatures with almond eyes that are said to be Aliens, dressed in their silver suits. Yet still these stories persist, well in the minds of those who care to believe such things, but from now on, they will have to report the strange lights and other things they see somewhere else. For from now on, the taxpayers money will be directed elsewhere, not on chasing shadows, and upsetting the poor Deer trying to hide in the trees. I suspect there will still be a chasm, between those who are convinced of evil presenses on the Chase, and those who believe they have a firmer grip on reality. I have included this article, because last week I believe I received the first request of the year, for any sightings of the dreaded Cannock Chase " Big Cat ". Enjoy your walk on the Chase this year, for they don't exist, but do beware of the googleyed loons, who can spring from any crevise at the mearest hint of a roar.


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