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Well at least in The United States of America. Way back in time, around 1800, quite a few of the poor souls who lived in the grim and grimy town of Tipton, Staffordshire, on the word of one Doctor Nathan Gentry, decided to start afresh. The good Doctor was one of those who roamed about the country, selling Patent Medicines, and his own brand of " Snake Oil ", from the battered tailgate of his " covered waggon ". To help the finances along, he was also an agent for a Liverpool Shiping Company, and he had assembled the kind of patter that any good salesman needed. One of them, painted on he side of the waggon read, " PASSAGES ARRANGED TO PARADISE "; now who, living in a tumble down cottage, on the side of a stinking canal, would resist such a call. Most of course did, but a hardy band signed up, and 212 years ago, in the spring of 1801, they set off on the great adventure. They were followed by many more, and over time, spread out across the wide open and grime free spaces of the New World. Bearing testement to this true pioneering spirit are a number of Towns which proudly proclaim there origin. Now I thought there were five Tiptons in America, but thanks to Mr H, of Rowley Regis, I now know there are in fact at least nine. There are one each in; California, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Tennessee, and Indiana. As an added bonus, for those who didn't know any of this, the last two States mentioned, also have a Tipton County each. Perhaps they also have some of the old traditions as well, Pigs Pudding and Faggots and Peas. I have no doubt, that there are other Tiptons around the world, I have found another Tipton, in Queensland, Australia, perhaps someone would care to enlighten me as to where I can find any others.


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