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Just as a matter of interest, as several enquiries have been made, about what today would be a minor case of theft, and more than likely attract a small fine or community service. Back in time though, it was concidered to be a major problem, and was punishable by death. ( The owners of said sheep, being rather further up the social scale than the starving peasants who nicked them ) I have said elsewhere, that records before 1735 are a bit scant, so here's a list of those who are recorded as having ended up as " dead mutton ".

Aaron Sankey, Thomas Smallman, Edward Broome, all in 1742. William Green, 1784, Thomas Young, Henry Linall, both in1785, Daniel Bedsmore, 1800, Thomas Nutts, 1801, William Barker, Edward Mitchell, and Samuel Bowdler, all in 1817, Edward Potter and John Richards, both in 1818, Richard Lewis, 1820, and the last one to suffer this fate, John Turner, in 1821.

If any of your relatives are in the list, or if you know of others, prior to 1735, do let me know, and I will endeavour to include them. Readers from Halesowen, Worcestershire, may also like to peruse the list as the town was administered from Shropshire, up until 1841, and criminals were often sent for trial at Shrewsbury Assizies.


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