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Now I have always said, there is sometimes more to just an old photograph, than at first meets the eye. Wednesbury F.C. who can be seen in the picture below, sporting a few Trophy's, may have had a little advantage, for unless the rules were different in 1900, they apparently fielded 12 Players. ( Nearly all of the other old football pictures I have seen, only show 11. ) There are a great many medals on display as well, so can anyone tell me what the cups and medals were presented for. Was it a works team?. and if so, which league were they in? The man kneeling, with what I presume to be a towel, is obviously the trainer, but without the traditional " Bucket of Water and Magic Sponge " being in attendance, its by no means certain.

The first player, standing at the back and not looking into the camera, has what appears to be a tie holding up his pants. I do hope there were no ladies in the crowd that watched them, for I understand undergarments were not all that popular in Wednesbury in 1900. There are five bowler hatted figures in the picture, mostly at the time worn by rather upmarket foreman, works managers, or even elderly factory owners who hadn't kept with the fashions of the day. Standing at each end of the line, we have two very swarve looking young men in straw boaters, one bearing more than a passing resemblance to Buster Keaton, hero of the silent movie era. Standing just behind our dodgy pants man, is what would be called, a pork pie hat, sitting on the head of a man who doesn't appear to not know why he is in the picture at all. By the position of his hands, he's getting desperate to relieve himself. Only nine flat caps amongst the lot of them, ( counting the bloke hanging on to that lamp post just over the fence ) and one of those on the goalkeepers head, which incidently, he would have worn during the matches that won all the silverwear. Note as well the actual goal posts, non of your slim line metal here, just three pieces of sturdy timber, starting to bow in the middle. They also look to me, to be a bit on the wide side, or did they have wider goals in 1900,  than we do today. Finally, that building in the background, with all that fancy brickwork, can anyone tell me where, and what it was. Some firms office perhaps, a small factory, or a gentlemans grand town abode. As I said, there's an awful lot that can be missed unless you look.


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