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Twenty five year old Caroline Pearson lived with her widowed mother, and her sister, in Turners Lane, Brierley Hill. She was a steady worker at Harris and Pearson Brickworks, situated in Brettell Lane, and sometimes after work, she and her friend, Alice Westwood, would go for a quite drink. On Tuesday 26th June, they were in the company of one Enoch Cox, ( see More Ghastly Murders ) who was known to Alice, where in the Vine Inn, he paid for a round of drinks. For some reason, even when he showed them a Revolver and knife, they appeared unconcerned. Leaving the Public House, Alice parted company with them at Sevendwellings, Delph, and the couple were last seen drinking in the nearby Birchtree Cottage, about 9.30pm. There were no further sighting of Caroline Pearson alive. When she failed to return home, the Police were informed, and a search of the area began. The whole area made searching very difficult, for it was filled with old mine workings, spoil heaps, Canals, small woods, and growing crops of barley. It didn't help that on the 28th, there was a storm and very heavy rain. At this stage, no one had linked Enoch Cox's name to either Caroline or Alice, and in any case, he had already committed suicide, after trying to murder his wife.

The Police feared the worse, when the link was finally made, as Alice Westwood now disclosed that Enoch had told them he would  " kill three before he would be contented. " Strangly, these chilling words had not put the two girls off staying with an obviously upset Enoch Cox. The search was widened and extended, but nothing came to light. On the 10th July, a couple, using a public footpath, about 250 yards from the Birchtree Cottage, and which ran alongside a field of Rye, reported a terrible stench to the landlords son, Harry Wilcox. Taking two friends and his dog, they went through a hedge into the field, and about 15 yards in, the dog located a body. Caroline Pearson had at last been found. Its not hard to imagine what had transpired, she was laying on her back, her clothing disordered, corsets undone, and her skirt pulled up. After examining the scene, her remains were taken to the Eagle Inn, in Turners Lane, not far from where she lived. Identification was going to be difficult, as the weather had been very hot, and decomposition was very advanced. It was finally done by her sister Annie Westwood, who identified her hat, shawl, and basket, all of which she been seen with on the day she went missing. The state of the body was so bad, that the cause of death could not be stated. No knife or bullet wounds, no indication at all as to what, or who, had killed the poor girl. The verdict of " Found Dead, " was the only option open to the Coroner, as the likely killer was unable to be questioned on the matter. She rests now, in Saint Michael's Church, Brierley Hill, undoubtedly murdered, but by whom, is not known. Innocent until provern guilty, is the rule, and who is to say Enoch Cox was indeed guilty.


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