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Abraham Darby.

Never let it be said that I am afraid to step into a bit of controversy. During a meeting, a question was raised about famous folk from the area, and Mr Darby was stated to be the builder of Shropshires famous Iron Bridge. No he wasn't, that one was Abraham Darby III, the grandson of the original Abraham Darby. Another voice in the group, said that the old Abraham was born in Woodsutton, ( the old name, now Woodsetton )  in the old parish of Sedgley, and not in Dudley, as most people assume. From looking at a great many old maps, and given that it's accepted that the name, Wrens Nest is correct, then it seems to me, to be a bit of stretch, to claim this area of Dudley, is actualy part of Woodsetton, then under the Parish Of Sedgley.  It clearly isn't. It was of course fairly common, to give a place the name of a local landmark, especialy if we talking about a little hamlet, or just a farm, which we are. Abrahams father was one John Darby, Yeoman farmer and Locksmith. There have always been two parts of Dudley, one under Worcestershire, and the other under Staffordshire, and Wrens Nest has always been discribed as Dudley,Staffordshire. It's one of those questions, which due to lack of any firm evidence one way or another, will remain forever blowing in the wind. Mind you, some of the female side of the Darby family are related to the old Earls of Dudley, The Sutton Family, and they are most diffinately from Dudley. I think I would stick to Dudley on this one, sorry Sedgley.


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