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In response to several requests for information, this is what I have located. It would seem mining in Sedgley, began a little before 1815. There is a mine listed in the 1830s, owned it would appear, by a Mr Mobberley, but no hint of where it was located. Classed as Sedgley, the Earl of Dudley owned 2 Pits at Dibdale, one the Rounds Hill, and the Foxyards Colliery, near Wrens Nest. In 1856, Henry Hill owned the Ettingshall Colliery, and it was sold to Henry B Whitehouse, around 1866. Not far from that, just off what would become Hurst Road , but was then known as Can Lane, was a Pit owned by Thomas Pemberton, Can Lane Colliery, one of two, the other being the Reddings Colliery. Another owner, Benjamin Johnson, also had a couple of mines, Coseley Colliery, and again, not far away, the Hockley Colliery. A bit farther south, and there was Groucutt & Sons Ironstone mine, Hitchens Colliery. To which I can add Springfield, Deepfield, Coppice, and the sinisterly named, Grave Colliery. From the 1850s, right through to the 1930s, there were a large number of little " Gin Pits ", started up by a handful of neighbours mainly, and usually when times were hard, just to put bread on the table. I hope any of this helps, good luck with the research all.


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