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Alaska. at August 21, 2013 at 3:51 PM

From the distant regions of Canada, comes a request for information on a relative. The name is unimportant, but the mans job discription is, for he is listed as a shovel maker, and they can't find out where he would have worked on Lye Waste. The answer isn't simple either, for around the 1840s, there were several firms producing this item. George Westwood, James Binns, Eli Ellwell,  Eversons. and Wood brothers, all had workshops on the Waste itself, making Spades, Shovels, and Forks. Wood brothers also made Chains at their Iron Foundry, as did Eversons, for the more products you could turn out, the better chance you had of surviving a depression. A lesson well learned from early on in the 19th century. Shovels came a variety of sizes as well. Small ones for the railway companies for use on the Engines, ( there's not all that much room on a footplate ) Large ones for loading and unloading coal from narrowboats and railway waggons, and extra large ones used in the breeze or coke making trade. They made others of extra thickness, for stoking the huge number of furnaces around the Black Country, the heat would have quickly reduced the metal to the thickness of paper. The humble shovel was also the preferred weapon ot choice, when two rival railway companies clashed over a small piece of land. Not heavy enough to do serious damage, but broad enough to raise a few bumps on stubborn heads.

I am interested in the WOOD brothers, Thomas and George.  

I have a relation (Martha WRIGHT, nee BOURNE) who was visiting George WOOD in 1851, and am intrigued as to the 'relationship'  - blood relation?  She had been born in Lye, before moving to London, marrying and then returning without husband, but with 2 children in 1820's.

Had her son (Edward William WRIGHT) been apprenticed to them?  When he married in 1839 he gave his occupation as Blacksmith.  Were there any apprenticeship records, or was it all as wild as it reads?

Visited the Chapel in Lye yesterday and saw the memorials to the WOOD brothers, as benefactors in 1827.

Does anyone know the location of the WOOD Iron Foundry, other than just on Lye Waste?


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