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As my mother's maiden name is Wilkes and I grew up in Handsworth very close to Wilkes Green school and most of the Wilkes is seem to be from around that area if I'm wondering if there's any possible link to Wilkes green farm area and the Wilkes his family any idea where I start to look into this. Any advice would be very much appreciated
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robert baker
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I did all my genealogy research using various archive sites, such as 'National Archives' etc, adavantage I had the name I was searching for was quite rare, can be tedious researching less unusual names.

I would ask all your relatives to think back and try to remember all addresses your familly lived at, especially older relatives, jot everything down. try not to get sidetracked, stick with Wilkes, come back to other branches that have interested you, once you have exhausted the Wilkes branch.

Took me 5 years to complete my research, their were periods where I lost interest though.

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Hi this reply is perhaps a bit late but try electrol roll under litchfield, handsworth was in staffordshire .martin

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