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Hi - goodness you have been busy - what a fabulous section on the history of mining- which is what has led me back here. I was a member back in the beginning but had to re register as changed my email. 

I haven't been researching or doing family history for years as I have been full time carer for Dad but I had a visit last week from Dad's cousin who hasn't seen him for 60 years and has added a little meat to the bone.

I have known for many years that Gt Grandad Joseph Bate had a mining accident.  I was told by another one of Dad's cousins a year or so back that  he had been stuck down the mine for some days before being rescued and had got so hungry he had eaten the soles of his leather shoes. I took this part of the story with a pinch of salt as seemed a little far fetched. I had no idea which mine or when the accident would have been until the visit last week from another cousin. He was able to identify the mine as Cakemore Colliery and a google led me to your fantastic web site. Gt grandad was a surviver although I am told he broke his hip and from then on needed platform shoe on one leg of at least 3inches as he never recovered properly from the accident. Dad can just about remember his grandad with the short leg and big shoe so this part of the story seems to be verifiable- in fact  both cousins and Dad agree on this. 

He was born in 1869 so the 1875 accident seems a little early unless he was a child worker- not impossible I suppose. Are there any more known incidents of cakemore? 

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Sorry about the very late response to your request Carol. I hadn't completely forgotten. I can' find any direct relationship between some inquests on the odd death in a mine in the area, as the locals mostly used different names for a pit than the one stated.  Local Newspapers, sometimes just a single sheet of paper, didn't exsist long enough to gather an Archive. Unless it was a major incident, ie. more than 5 deaths. it was ulikely to get a mention in the local rag at all.


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