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My thanks to Ralph Atherton, for supplying me with a bit more information regarding the incident at the Brockmoor House pub, in 1901. He has included a list of comments, which I will try and answer. I have already added and adapted the information into the original post.

Firstly let me say, that it wasn't unusual to change your name, ( it still isn't ) but today we have a legal process. Back in time, if you wanted to, you could produce a false Birth Certificate, or simply alter it, even though this was, and still is, illegal. In this case, a family member, discovered the name change during research. It also wasn't unusual for some delay to occur when reporting a death, the last month of the year would be an example, when the death would be remembered by the family as reported. ie, January the next year. ( as in this case )  When Joseph Pearson sold Brockmoor House to the Jackson family. he must have been aware of the subsidence problems in the house, and the surrounding district. The problem with the Licence in 1883, was probably due to the " technical " problem of the house being concidered to be unsafe, which was why it had been vacant for some time. Assured by the owners ability as a " Mining Engineer ", and after some props and the cracks covered up, the Licence was later granted, but was under constant review. ( A look at the picture in the original post, will show you why this review was included. )  His wifes death at such an early age, is one thing, but what would have caused some rumour to spread, is the fact that he re-married, to a young woman who he employed as a barmaid, just seven months after the first ones death. Not what many would describe as a " decent period of Mourning ". This marriage also split the family, as his children did not appreciate a 'new mother' while they were still upset about losing their own. In fact, his wife, busy with her own brood, never had any time for her step children anyway. ( family records ) Finally. Annie was listed in the 1901 Census as you describe, but then, if you know what date the Census was taken, you can see that actually, after Jacksons death, she was not. That Census you quote, was taken in March 1901, four months before he topped himself in July. William Jackson knew, just what state that building was in, and if it was unhabitable in September, it most certain was the same in July, for those props had been in place for many years before. The original post was added to " Tales from the Region ", for some of it at least, is just that, a tale.


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