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Holly Ashforth
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I would really like some help with finding the family of Phoebe/Phebe Steventon - I'll add right here that I don't think she is the Phoebe who is the daughter of William Steventon (Billy Sugar) - there is a marriage of Phoebe (daughter of William/Billy Sugar) to David Lowe, and this Phoebe and David are living with Phoebe's mother in a later census.

What I know about my Phoebe is as follows:

- According to her death certificate she was born in 1821, and from the censuses, I have her birth between 1815 and 1821 in Oldbury. Despite this, I can only find one baptism in this timeframe at Oldbury of a Phoebe Steventon - that being the daughter of Billy Sugar.

- I know that she married William Walters, and I found a possible marriage for this being at Tipton (Staffs) in 1836 - this is where I got her surname Steventon from (as she was named as Phebe Steventon). I don't know any more details about this marriage - so I don't know Phoebe's father's name.

- With William Walters, she had the following children: Ellen (born 1837), Thomas (born 1840), John (born 1843), Phoebe (born 1844), Hannah (born 1846), Sarah Ann (born 1847), Mary Ann (born 1850), William (born 1853), Betsey (born 1855) and Frances (aka Fanny, born 1858 ).

Any help with this will be really appreciated - it's really been a long search for her.

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I'm not sure if this will help Holly, but here goes. I have found a record that says William Walters was born in Oldbury in 1819. Phoebe, ( various spellings ) Steventon was christened on 11th Nov 1821. These dates correspond to the age of the death of both in Yorkshire. William in Aug 1882, ( 63) and Pheobe, on the 17th Nov 1886. (65 )  The ages, and the children, are also consistant throughout the census years of 1841, ( Dudley ) 1851, ( Oldbury/Langley)  1861, ( Oldbury/Newbury Lane) 1871, ( Chapel Town, Yorkshire ) and 1881. ( Worsbrough/Barnsley, Yorkshire ) Williams employment as a Brickmaker also doesn't change throughout his lifetime. You may wish to try and look at the records of St Martins, Tipton, for it maybe that Phoebe wished to be married in the same church as her parents, And lo and behold, there is such a marriage between a George Steventon and Jane  ??, some years prior to her birth. Good luck with the hunt.

PM me if you require any more help.


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