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 The Military Service Actm which was passed in 1916, produced a whole bookfull of those who suddenly developed the " Consientious Objection Bug ". Albert Charles Morley, 24, and from Smethwick, Staffordshire, refused to parade for his Military Medical on 25th April,1916. He was found guilty. Lesley James Holmes, 31, from Smethwick, also refused not only the medical, but point blank refused to take any orders to wear the uniform. Found guilty. Ronald Edward Pond, age 25, a School teacher no less, again refused to take the medical, and said he would never wear the uniform either. Found guilty.

I should add, at this point, that all three men had been offered a Non-Combatant role, in the Army Medical Corps, and all three had point blank refused. They were all sentenced to 12 months hard labour, and as the Army never forgets, more of the same when they were released, for they were in the Army until the War ended.


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