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For those searching for relatives, unless you know there was a traumatic event in their lives, its easy to miss something major. Finding the year in which a family member died, and if they were young, putting it down to conditions of the time, is fairly common. In the case of Elizabeth Bunting though, this is most diffinately not the reason. She was brutally slain, as described in the " More Ghastly Murders " topic, on the 20th April,1885, just over 130 years ago. This review may prove helpful to the family relatives alive today, for I have found no trace or mention of the poor girls death, in any family trees.

Elizabeth Bunting was the eldest of the eight children born to Thomas and Anna Maria Bunting. (nee Boulton )  Elizabeth, 1870, Herbert, 1871, George, 1873, May, 1876, Alice,1879, Amy, 1881, (died in 1882) Walter, 1893, and Leonard, 1886. They all lived at 4, Beeches Villas, Terrace Road, Handsworth, then, a part of Staffordshire. Anna Maria may well have been pregnant with Leonard, on the day her eldest was murdered. The house was set back from the road, the five houses which made up the Villas being built before the ones fronting the road. At one time, the entrance to this tiny terrace was at the side of 9 Terrace Road, but after the rest were erected, the entrance, ( clearly shown on the map ) was between numbers 13 and 15, Terrace Road., and I have marked it on the second map in green.

Today, only numbers 29 to 37 are still standing, the rest. of the odd numbers, including the Villas have long been demolished. Unlike a great many other murder scenes however, which have been built on or no longer accessible, and although the houses are long gone, the spot where the Villa's stood, remains open land. The second map is a close up of the Villas location, and the houses are numbered in red.

Now should anyone with an interest in old murders, or a member of the family wish to visit the spot, I have also included, ( courtesey of Google Earth ) an overhead shot of the present site. For reference, the Blue roof is the Handsworth Post Office sorting depot, and the long building above and the other side of the site, is the old Supreme Works, with a frontage on Soho Hill. Terrace Road by the way is now blocked off in the middle and the easier access is from the Hampstead Road end.


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