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Hi all,

I'm hoping I can find some info on here after moving to the area a little while ago. I have done research at the library etc. and found newspaper cuttings which have been great but first hand info or knowledge would be really interesting.

I understand from people I know in the area that before my estate was built (Clockfields opposite the Harris & Pearson building in Brierley Hill) there was extensive open cast mining. I'm not too sure if that area was mined by Harris & Pearson or E.J. & J Pearson or other even? I managed to find a photo of the clock house which used to exist near the entrance to the estate.

I wondered if anyone might have any more information specific to that area at all? Photos would be very interesting.

Many thanks

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alan price
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I worked at Harris & Pearsons and i remember the clockfields well.There was a brickyard there George King Harrison's and i do believe they owned some of the mines in the clockfields.I am not sure but i dont think Harris & Pearson owned any mines there.My father worked in a mine on the clockfields.He called it a walkdown pit for obvious reasons thre was no shaft.When the clay or coal was mined it came along a railtrack the side of the clockhouse and than through a tunnal under Brettell Lane and then down to the Nagersfield brickworks which was were the swan estate is now.

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There is an extensive history of mining in the area you are looking at, and you will find it in the websites Mining section under Stourbridge Fireclay Mines. There are also quite a few photographs in the websites Gallery, all listed in Mining Images.


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Excellent, many thanks for the info. I'll look up George king Harrison on the site and see what I can find. I wasn't sure if the photos were of that particular area that I could see but will have another look and see what I can find. Great site by the way :)
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