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My GGGGrandfather, Thomas Pool went from Bilston area to Trubia, Spain in 1808 to help with making cannon for the Spanish revolt against Napoleon. I know he went, but do not know how he got there, did he volunteer? Is there records of employees working for the iron mills? Thomas Pool was an iron roller.


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There was a company Goria, that had a very good business in the manufacture of Cannons. Samuel Walker, and his Gospel Oak Iron Works. ( Topic: Black Country Iron Works ) He had a contract with the Government to supply these Guns, and many customers abroad, including Russia and France. The company had improved the manufacture of Cannons at the turn of the 1800s, and it wouldn't surprise me, if your relative was part of a group sent to Spain to improve their Arms factories. If anything further comes to light, I will let you know.


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